Cory Lopez In The Sweet Spot

Cory Lopez, the underdog. Can punt, does charge, belts lip and after watching this section, holds his own amongst the young fellas. This here is his section in Taylor Steele’s first Innersection film.

The genius concept of the film:

Surfers/filmers put their sections on the site. Members rate the sections on a 1-10 scale, which narrows the field down to Top 10 finalists. Then Members rank the Top 10 in order of preference: 1 thru 10. After that, we announce the winners and do it all over again. The five highest rated surf sections will then become part of the Innersection surf movie.

Matt Meola took home the handsome prize pool of $100 000 this Innersection, Cory didn’t get a podium look in but still a solid section all the same.

Enjoy, then head to Garage and see what all the fuss is about: