Fins Are Overrated, Just Ask Derek Hynd

Photo: royharley 

Remember the dude that paddled out J-Bay on that 11”6 finless Rhino chaser an hour after Mick Fanning was attacked by a shark, and rode the thing wave after wave with no care in the world? That was Derek Hynd and he’s lived quite the life. 

And before you say ‘who gives a sh*t’, we wanna get you familiar with one of surfing’s greatest icons, Derek’s resume is a mile long, he’s a surfing encyclopedia.   

Photo: Van Gysen

Back in the heyday (the 80’s), DH was a top 10 contender on the world tour, developer of Rip Curl’s incomparable marketing campaign “The Search”, Journalist for surf publications; Surfer, Tracks & Surfing World, surf coach for world champion and icon The Occ. He also dabbled in surf filmmaking and contest directing and featured in classic surf films Sultans of SpeedLitmus, Glass Love, Musica Surfica and most recently Jack McCoy’s A Deeper Shade Of Blue. Pretty impressive huh? 

Photo: Deon Lategan

These days you’ll find Derek trimming down the line (either at J-Bay or at home in Sydney) on his extensive finless quiver which range from 11’6 to 3’6. Anything that floats, Derek will surf – unless it has fins.

Check out Derek in this Jazzy little number talking about finless life, a webisode from Jac Mac’s A Deeper Shade Of Blue.

Watch the full movie here on Garage: