Help Stop Donald Trump From Ruining This Picturesque Beach In Ireland

By now most of us would be aware of businessman-turned-politician Donald Trump and his plans to build a wall between the USA and Mexico, and how it’s going to stop rapists and murders. Well there’s now news of Trump wanting to build a second wall, this time to protect an Irish golf resort which he owns, from erosion. However, the reverb from the wall could end up spoiling one of the best beach breaks in County Clare, Western Ireland.



The proposed wall on Doughmore Beach would run 2.8 kilometers, reach 15 feet tall, and consist of 200,000 tons of rock dumped in a sensitive coastal sand dune system.  Doughmore beach is one of western Ireland’s most consistent surfing spots and widely popular with a deep community of surfers and beachgoers. Construction of this seawall will destroy the sand dune habitat, restrict public access, negatively impact the quality of the surfing waves, and ultimately result in beach loss.

Thankfully Save The Waves Coalition is proud to announce the launch of #NatureTrumpsWalls, an international campaign to defeat this controversial proposal. The campaign directs people to sign the online petition, urging Clare County Councilors to reject the seawall proposal at Doughmore Beach that would limit access, and destroy the surf break and pristine dune ecosystem.


You can sign the petition here.