Ryan Burch & Friends Do ‘The Boom’

Image via @thunderbombsurfcamp

Pack your bags kids, we’re heading to Nicaragua. If you’re fond of this Central American surf paradise you’ll know ‘The Boom”, one of the funnest beachies you will ever surf.

Turn up on a good day and you’ll see dreamy barrelling peaks all the way down the beach, you’ve never moved so damn fast to get into your boardies and wax up your stick. The hardest decision you’ll make is whether to get barrelled on the lefts or the rights….or both 

Aim for around the wet season (May – Nov), if the winds are right, you’re in for a treat, as seen here with Chris Del Moro and Ryan Burch having way too much fun during the making of Sight Sound by lens master Mikey DeTemple, full movie playing now on Garage: