Skateable Abandoned Waterparks Of The World

There is something super creepy and eerie, yet intriguing about abandoned properties. You find yourself fascinated wanting to explore them with a hundred questions at mind as to what happened here? Why did it shut down? There are many reason, Japanese theme park, Kejonuma Leisure Land was reported to be jinxed by an ancient curse and people just stopped going whereas others were closed down because of deaths due to unsafe rides and lack of funding and maintenance.

We looked past all the creepiness of these deserted places and found half pipes, lips, fun boxes, bowls, hips, rails, stairs, gaps at a handful of abandoned waterparks around the world, now that the water no longer streams down half pipe shaped slides into bowl shaped pools these places are damn shredable!

Check out a collection of skateable abandoned waterparks, mind skate away! And if you’re feeling extra ambitious, go find these creepy skate havens and get your shred on.