The Life Of A Kayak On Its Way To The Himalayas

If you’re planning a kayak trip to some remote mountain ranges, you should probably watch this video first. Because indeed the kayaking part only represent about 10% of the trip and the effort. But what it take to get to the start is quite a challenge.

First, you need to make your kayak lighter by cutting off everything you won’t need.

Then you need to catch a plane to your destination (make sure you book extra luggage).

Find you way through your arrival city to you hotel.

Plan a means of transport to the start of the trek with a team willing to help.

Try to go above all obstacles on the way.

Find a group a local carrier, like the Sherpas in Nepal.

Start a long and very challenging walk thought the highest ranges in the world.

Enjoy the most breathtaking landscapes (if you can).

And then finally enjoy what you came for : the ride down.

Or if you don’t feel like doing this right now, just enjoy watching ‘Alone on the River’, because these guys already done it for you: