The Perfect Ski Heaven Was Found In Russia

Nowadays it seems like the whole world has been explored. And it probably has. But it also seems like everyone is still travelling to the same spots. Whether it is for the convenience or because of the lack of knowledge, some destinations are much more popular than some others. But things are now changing.

Today people aspire to get away from the crowd, to explore new horizons, and are willing to take more risks. The reasons are multiple; iconic locations become overpopulated, people get to travel more so are looking for something different, or just getting the best selfie, … Whatever the reason is, a new market is evolving, where travellers get to reach very isolated places, live with locals, and experience more extreme activities.

This year, the Whiteroom Team is back with a beautifully shot movie they’ve made in the Altai Region, a mountain range south of Russia, at the border with Mongolia, Kazakstan and China. It’s in an old Russian army truck that they reach this place, isolated from the rest of the world.

They are staying in a little wooden house situated at the end of the valley that represent the entrance to the highest part of the mountain range.

Besides it’s very basic features (no tap water and very little electricity from solar panel) the place is perfect for those who want to go back to an original form of living, combine with a huge range of wild and untouched slopes.

And when it comes to go to the slopes, there is plenty of opportunities to camp anywhere in amazing spots. But it takes a bit of practice with igloo building to make sure you protect your tent for the night. These guys are well prepared.

So if you’re keen for the adventure, learn from these guys and watch the movie Altai now: