The Search for the Ultimate Backcountry Line

The Art of Flight was a massive success due to a number of reasons. There was the huge budget, there were the helicopters, there were the world-class snowboarders. This made for some amazing footage, but at the core of the film was a clear sense of exploration; pushing the limits in order to find the best run or ride the freshest snow. That’s what made it such an awesome film.

Rip Curl’s latest offering ‘Stepping Stones’ focuses on this idea of pushing the boundaries and exploring too. No, it might not have the same budget as a major Hollywood production, but it’s still a dope film. Amazing cinematography backed up by even more amazing snowboarding and skiing, what more could you want? Join riders Victor De Le Rue, Nils Arvidsson, Wiley Tesseo, Emilien Badoux and skiers Sam Favret, Chris Booth and Mat Bijasson as they RV through British Columbia, go one hill further in Alaska and seek the secret gems of Chamonix. See these areas unfold as the Stepping Stones of mountain riding. Watch the riders hop from pillow to pillow, connect the dots and create their lines in the true spirit of The Search.