The South To Sian Journals – Chapter 5

Harrison Roach presents a weekly ten-part blog series taking us behind the scenes of Deus ex Machina’s South To Sian, directed by Dustin Humphrey.

South To Sian: The Movie

We rolled out of Canggu straight off the back of a wild night at the Temple of Enthusiasm. Our brains bounced tenderly around the inside of our heads as we bounced jolting around the inside of the old Land Rover.

Next stop? The Bukit Peninsula.

No Indonesian surf trip is complete without a trip to the peninsula’s famously fantastic, long left-handers. And though the waves have been ridden for decades, they spill peel as well as anywhere.

On the beach Zye ran into one of our long time friends from Newcastle, Lewie Dunn. Lewie had quit his job and like us was in search of the kind of experiences and opportunities his hometown didn’t have on offer.

We traded off tubes with Lewie from midday through until the sun’s afternoon glow faded over Java.

All photos: @anthonydodds