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The Crew is a documentary series that follows the lives of three best mates, each chasing their individual dreams, yet intertwined in a display of friendship, support and adrenalin pumping action. Mark Mathews is a big wave surfer, Richie ‘Vas’ Vaculik a UFC fighter, and Kid Mac a singer/songwriter. Follow the boys as they travel the globe chasing huge swells, MMA belts and record deals.

To watch the first four episodes of season three for free right now, hit the link below.

We also thought we’d give a shout out to singer/songwriter Ned Philpot, who’s responsible for producing some killer music for The Crew. At the start of 2015, Ned set out to perform 100 live gigs before the end of the year, which also meant performing 100 gigs before turning 18. He set his mind to this epic challenge, and impressively achieved his goal. Watch the video above to see more, and be sure to give Ned a follow on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

Facebook: Ned Philpot
Instagram: @nedphilpot