Watch The Heart-stopping Video Of Freediver Fearlessly Swimming With Great White Sharks

New studies have shown that a ridiculous 100 million sharks are killed every year at the hands of humans, shark researchers like OCEARCH and Ocean conservationists like the Project AWARE Foundation are taking the calculated approach to saving the deep blues creatures. Surfer, model and professional diver Ocean Ramsey holds the same passion, to help save these creatures but in a way you could never imagine!


They call her ‘The Shark Whisperer’, Ocean is on a mission to educate the world about sharks with an unorthodox and controversial approach, by filming and taking pictures of free swimming and interacting with great white sharks peacefully and intimately to show the public and change the way people perceive sharks. Ocean swims with no scuba tanks, no cage and no fear, she can hold her breath for an amazing 5 minutes 45 seconds under water.


The Hawaiian born water lover says: ‘They are actually cautious and calculated you know? They’re misunderstood and misconstrued as ravenous, mindless, man eating machines and thats not how they are’


Ocean is based in Hawaii but has dove with more than 32 species of sharks around the world, her work is all for good reason, California has announced the Great White Shark is on the endangered species list, experts estimate that there are only 330 left along the pacific coast. Watch Ocean fearlessly swimming with Great White Sharks and other large see creatures in this video, amazing:

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