Wingboarding: Wakeboarding Of The Sky

Forget skydiving, forget wingsuiting, and definitely forget wakeboarding. If this doesn’t get you pumped for the future, we don’t know what will… WING-BOARDING is the latest invention from Wyp Aviation and it is absolutely mental. Simply put, this board will enable riders to surf through the air and carve through clouds at more than 100mph while being towed by a plane.

As you’ll see, it’s only 40% of the way there, but things are looking promising. So far they have done successful tests inside a wind tunnel contraction. See video below:

Video : wyp aviation

In the next phase they took it outside with a crash test dummy attached to the board, riding behind a small plane. At first glance it looks like a real person and you can really see the epicness (and danger) of this new sport. Watch below:

We can’t wait to see the first real attempts with real people. Gotta love science and technology!