You Can’t Reinvent The Board!

Everyone knows the saying ‘You can’t reinvent the wheel’… and by looking at these attempts to change or improve the skateboard, surfboard or snowboard, it’s safe to say you can’t reinvent the board either. 

These are all great ideas and i’ll give credit where credit is due as most of them look real fun and I’d love a chance to try each one of them. However, from what I’ve seen and read, I won’t be making the swap any time soon. The market just isn’t big enough for them to take over their original counterparts and become the next big thing in board sports. 

Dual Snowboards

Dual is basically a snowboard cut in half and attached to each foot independently. This looks like it could be fun for a few hours, as you try out some of the new types of grabs or attempt some one footed tricks. Although, after watching some user videos, people mainly ride it like a normal snowboard – a snowboard that can’t carve or perform some of the most classic board tricks, like board-slides and buttery buttering. Running back to the top of the park with ease does sound delightful though.


The Flowboard is essentially a skateboard with 14 wheels divided between two long, arched trucks. The main use is obviously bombing and carving hills, as it combines aspects of surfing, skating and snowboarding.

This board might appeal to someone who rides longboards, as it is clearly a heavy board with no ability to do any tricks that involve regular trucks. I can’t see anyone who rides a normal skateboard falling in love with one of these. However, as seen in the video below – It can be used like a traditional skateboard.

Tri-Fold Surfboard

Obviously, this surfboard folds into three parts, allowing for easy storage and travel. There’s a wire that runs through the body, using a tool it is tightened from the tail and the board pulls into place.

Taking into account the importance of board shape and channels in the overall performance of a board, the insecurity within this board would have to effect ones surfing. If you loved surfing enough to need your board everywhere you went, I think you’d cop the extra baggage in order to surf your favourite piece.

The Crossboard

The Crossboard is basically a super short deck with two snow blades underneath, which are attached to the deck with trucks – trucks that perform similar to skateboard trucks. 

This board is supposed to perform best on hard packed, groomed and icy runs, but who wants that? It looks super technical and is apparently quite heavy compared to a snowboard. After watching footage of snowboarders attempt to shred this thing, I was turned off – It looks like a lot of unnecessary technology that removes the ability to carve long lines – or hit the park for that matter. Still, I’d love a turn.

Have you tried any of these? Know of any other board variations? Let us know!