16 Skate Crews, 16 Locations, 16 DIY Spots

If you skate, then you’d know that skateboarding and creativity go hand-in-hand. Often you’ll find yourself looking at spots in the street and thinking of different ways in which you could skate it. Chances are you’ve also dreamt of building your own diy with the homies, using whatever materials you can find to turn that abandoned block of land down the road into a rad little skate spot. 

Thanks to Red Bull, a bunch of skate crews in the UK had the chance to do exactly this as part of the 2015 Spot Supply. With some tools, cement and other bits pieces, these guys went to town and built some pretty amazing stuff. Check out the video, get hyped, and go do it yourself!

While you’re here, watch the following video featuring Polar Skate Co founder Pontus Alv discussing diy culture in Europe.

For the full video, watch Coping Mechanism now on Garage: