17 Years Old And Charging Teahupoo At This Insane Capacity

Photo credit: Tim McKenna (@timmckenna)

What were you doing at age 17? Charging Teahupo’o at this insane capacity like Matahi Drollet here? Probably not, we don’t blame you, this monster the Tahitian prodigy pulls into is just plain ridiculous. His tow-in partner, older brother and big wave legend Manoa Drollet knows the sweet spot to this wave all too well, Matahi has his big bro to thank for this one.

Rumour has it, Hollywood shut down Teahupo’o for the production of the Point Break remake movie but no one was going to stop Matahi and Manoa from surfing one if the biggest swells on the year at home, so, they hit the line up to try their luck and Matahi happen to whip into the wave of the day which scored him a feature in the Point Break Remake movie, not bad for a kid that probably should have been at school.

This scene is from Addicted To Life by French production company Nuit De La Glisse. Their next big budget film Don’t Crack Under Pressure is set to hit Australian cinemas May 11 and Matahi’s section in the movie is next level sh*t. Check out the trailer below and click book now for screening locations and tickets.