5 Metre Great White Gives Fisherman The Shock Of His Life

This 5 metre Great White goes by the name of Barbara Streisand and lurks just off the coast of one of Sydney’s northern beaches fishing hot spots.

Sydney fisherman Cameron Sutherland got the shock of a lifetime as he dropped a line early yesterday morning fishing for Snapper.

‘I saw a big shadow just come up from underneath the boat. I thought it was a whale. It was longer than my boat, It came up underneath my motor and bumped it with its head.’ Cameron tells SMH.

The footage shows Cameron putting the camera in the water to capture this incredible creature up close, seemingly just cruising along sizing up the fibre glass 5.5 metre boat. Cam’s reaction is on point ‘Oh my god’.

‘I don’t know how people could [advocate shark culls],’ he said. ‘He was so placid and gentle. He was the king of the ocean, he could just destroy anything. Cameron told SMH.

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