Mega Babe Blake Lively Takes on JAWS In Hollywood Blockbuster

Hollywood are at it again, this time with a Sharknado Point-Break mix up starring Gossip Girls leading lady Blake Lively.

The film ‘The Shallows’ is Hollywoods latest attempt at a surf / horror movie and by the looks of the trailer, Blake spends most of the flick stuck on a rock in the middle of a bay with the shark from JAWS trying to eat her….What will she do????

Throw in a couple of Sony and G-Shock product shots and whala! You have a low budget cheesy Hollywood movie, let’s hope it doesn’t gain momentum like Sharknado 1, 2, 3 and 4 for f*cks sake.

Not gonna lie though, I was quietly sh*ting myself when JAWS took flight in the trailer.