70 Huge Tiger Sharks Tearing Apart A Dead Humpback Whale

Incredible drone footage has emerged of over 70 huge tiger sharks tearing apart a dead humpback whale in the crystal clear waters of Shark Bay, on the Western Australia coastline. 

It’s day 4 of 14 on the Geraldton to Broome island adventure cruise. At Steep Point, the group of tourist are lucky enough to witness 70 tiger sharks having a feast on a deceased humpback whale.

The aerial vision was captured by Eco Abrolhos, an island tour company that stumbled upon the attack just four days into a 14-day cruise to the Kimberley, travelling from Geraldton to Broome.

Shark Bay is a World Heritage Site that is home for 28 different species of sharks. It’s unclear whether the whale, which appears to be close to fifteen metres long and would weigh about 36,000 kilograms, was killed by the tiger sharks or died of natural reasons.