WATCH: A Variety of Surfers & The Different Ways That They Approach Wave Riding

‘Seaworthy’ is the long awaited second offering from independent operator Nathan Oldfield, the maker of the highly regarded & award winning underground surf film ‘Lines From a Poem.’

Nearly three years in the making, Seaworthy documents a variety of individuals & the different ways that they approach wave riding. The film presents a left of centre look at diversity in surfing, including the riding of alaias, olos, singlefins, twins, thrusters, quads, fish, logs, toothpicks, surfmats & bodysurfing. It is a unique, intimate & timeless perspective of surfing, surfers & the environment in which they live & find their being.

Beautifully shot & artistically constructed, Seaworthy features Tom Wegener, Beau Young, Dave Rastovich, Alex Knost, Dane Peterson, Belinda Baggs-Peterson, Sage Joske, Heath Joske, CJ Nelson, Heydon Bunting, Matt Chojnacki, Carl Gonsalves, Sean Finnelley & others.

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