72 Hours Of Slab Hunting Mayhem During The Swell Of The Decade

Web clips and videos have hit the net over the last few days harder than the storm hit the east coast. The swell of the decade fired on all cylinders the whole way down the east coast of Australia and Spencer Frost was in the sweet spot as it hit the South Coast of NSW.

Spenny documented the east coast low over 3 days and some of the vision he caught will give you nightmares. You think your local was heavy? Watch 72 Hours.

Surfers: Scott Dennis, Sean Mawson, Brett Burcher, Craig Anderson, Leroy Bellet and Elliot Marshall.

Filmed // Edit by – Spencer Frost @eyesintheskyvisuals

Additional water footage – Max Zappas @MaxZappas

Image credit – Leroy Bellet @LeroyBelletPhoto