A Nostalgic Look at Board Shaping & The Good Old Days of Surfing With Bob McTavish

If you don’t know the name Bob McTavish, you don’t know surf. Bob is the pioneer of surfboard shaping who invented the V-bottom surfboard and revolutionised the development of shortboard surfing back in the 1960’s. McTavish surfed as well as he could shape and starred in the best surf movies of the 60’s & 70’s. You can now find McTavish pumping quality boards out of his factory in Byron Bay, Australia.


Dedicated To The Craft is a biopic, starring owner/founder Bob McTavish with a nostalgic look at surfboard shaping and riding with an insight into the good old days of the surfing world.


See more of McTavish in Serendipity, a documentary about the two men that accidentally discover the Maldives, now playing on Garage: