Tommy Carroll & the millennium snap

It’s that time of year again, the circus of the Pipeline Masters has come to town and we are pumped! It’s about time we had a good look on past years of the event and the break itself, The Banzai Pipeline. The Masters stands alone as the sport’s most popular, prestigious competitive event. 

Because for over 35 years there has been only one surf contest where the winner earns more than money, more than fame or ratings point, but rather the surfing world’s most coveted title: Pipeline Master. There’s Gerry’s Era, and Gerry’s Army, the Free Ride Generation and the birth of backside tube riding, Simon Anderson’s spectacular three-fin Thruster debut. 

There’s Michael Ho’s broken wrist wonder, Tom Carroll, and The Snap, Sunny Garcia’s Three Knockdowns. There’s the Rise of Kelly Slater and the Frontdoor/Backdoor wipeouts, nail-biting competition and the sort of drama that can only come when you pit the very best against the very worst: some of the most deadly, hairy, out-of-control waves ever seen.  Pipeline Masters captures it all: the history, the action, the legends and lore – the soul – of the greatest surfing event ever.