Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki Melons The Lyon 25 Set


Over the weekend we were blessed with video footage of skateboarder Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki writing himself into the record books by landing a melon down the infamous 25 set in Lyon, France. By doing so he broke the world record for the largest set of stairs ever ollied. However, this by no means came easily.

The set was first popularised in 2002 when Ali Boulala attempted to ollie them, only to have his board explode under his feet on impact. He tried it a few more times before writing himself off. There have been rumours of others trying the set, however there’s no physical evidence to back it up. So, to the best of our knowledge it was left untouched until 2014 when Jaws first gave it a go.

But it wasn’t until last October, after two trips, a torn MCL, and plenty of brutal slams, that he finally rolled away from this monster. A more than well deserved achievement, congratulations Jaws!