Alaskan Glacier Surfing With Mick Fanning And Mason Ho

In the latest installment of of Rip Curl’s The Search, Mick Fanning and Mason Ho head to the frozen north in search of waves.



This trip came at an ideal time for Mick. After a rollercoaster 2015 that included contest wins, a shark attack, a marital separation and the death of his brother amidst a world title race, he figured he had met his drama limit for the decade, and opted to take 2016 off. To travel for pleasure. To clear his head. To figure out if competition is still his passion, or if trips like this should make up the balance of his career. And so, after competing at Snapper and Bells — while his peers made the short flight from Melbourne to Perth to chase points in Margaret River — Mick went north, to chase perspective.

The search isn’t just about waves–it’s, as the name implies, about the journey. It’s all the things in between waves that make a surf trip so good, and Mick and Mason found plenty to be excited about.


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