Insane MTB Line: White Line Trail – Arizona

Michal Wollbek rides the red rocks of Arizona – this footage is epic!

WATCH THE FULL EPISODE here as the 30-year-old Polish daredevil rides across an almost-vertical cliff with a terrifying drop below. The stunning video was filmed at Red Rock State Park and was shot from a drone flying overhead.

MTB INSIGHTS season 1 episode 3 :

Gdanska on the North shore of Poland is the home of NS Bikes and it’s owner, Szymon Kobylinski who explains his aspirations and passion for the sport. NS Bikes are proud of their heritage with fellow Pole, Michal Kollbek, representing them in the mountain biking haven of California. NS Bikes are also extremely proud to sponsor Sam Pilgrim.

If you want more, check out his POV footage here: