Great white shark rams fishing boat in South Oz!

The fishermen are exclaiming as the shark breaches out of the water, with one man heard to say the magnificent creature ‘just bit the motor’. The men then try to throw some old bits of squid out to the hungry shark.

The shark begins to descend back into the water but it quickly turns back around. The fisherman backs away as the shark cruises close to the boat, showing off every inch of its massive 13ft sleek body.

The fisherman who took the video, Adon Samoilenko, can then be heard to say  ‘it’s time to go’.

The 42-year-old told The Sun Online he had been fishing on Monday, September 5, when the shark came close, biting the engine.

He said: ‘It had the whole boat shaking. ‘It went deep and I thought it was going to leave but then it came screaming back up.’ He said he thought another nearby boat had panicked the shark, describing it as it ‘flipped’ and breached out of the water.