Andrew Kidman’s follow up to 2009 classic film ‘Last Hope’

‘No Static in the Stars’ follows on from the AndrewKidman/Aaron Curnow (of Spunk Records fame) collaboration Last Hope, which was released in 2009 and premiered at the Perth Festival at the Astor to a sold out crowd.

No Static in the Stars is a collection of film and music. 

Surfing, painting, song writing and filmmaking are all forms of expression. No Static in the Stars is a Collection of this expression: short films curated from Andrew Kidman and made to a soundtrack chosen by Spunk Records original Aaron Curnow. 

The films feature the art of America’s Peter Halasz and Australia’s Nicholas Harding, the seascape camera work of Jon Frank and Mick Waters, the surfing brilliance of Craig Anderson, Creed McTaggart, Ryan Burch and Ellis Ericson and the unique filmmaking of Monty Webber, Patrick Trefz, Ava Warbrick, Ryan Thomas and Andrew Kidman.

The sounds that accompany the films are some of the best music has to offer: The Middle East, Smog, Gold Class, Angel Olsen, Ty Segall, Cass McCombs, Tiny Ruins and The Windy Hills.

No Static in the Stars contains 14 short films; which may be categorised as documentary, Art-house, Surf short, Oceanography. Whatever you call them, the Ocean and its surrounds are the focus of the individuals and filmmakers minds.

Coming very soon to Garage!!!

Can’t wait – check out AK’s recent work in ‘Spirit Of Akasha’