Batu Karas, The World’s Funnest Longboard Wave?

Ever dreamed of surfing the perfect longboard wave? Well, feast your eyes on Batu Karas.

 The idyllic fishing village and surfing spot of Batu Karas is one of the funnest waves you’ll ever surf. Located in West Java, this sand bottom playful point break reels for hundreds of metres – It’s picture perfect and literally a longboarders paradise.

 Hailing from Noosa Heads in Queensland, Australia and no stranger to a perfect point break, Harrison Roach and Zye Norris stumble across this dreamy right hander during their 6 month roadtrip across the Indonesian Archipelago in a beat up Landrover. With a little tip from their Indonesian buddy, Husni Ridhwan and the presence of fellow Deus team rider Matt Cuddihy – the boys glide down the line of 2 – 3 ft runners with barely a soul in sight, during a magic Indonesian session.

Watch the full session featured in the new feature length surf movie ‘Sian Sessions’. With 100% previously unseen waves from the 300+ hours of footage captured during the 2 year trip making “South To Sian”. Now playing on Garage: