This Pro Mountain Biker Is Lucky To Be Alive

Pro Mountain biker, Cédric Gracia shows how even a simple crash can put you in a very serious situation. The footage, from his mates helmet camera, shows him slide out of control while taking a corner on his run at La Réunion Island. 

 The crash broke his pelvis and severed his femoral artery, a fatal injury. Blood began draining from his body within seconds.


 If handled incorrectly, blood loss from such an injury could kill within 15 minutes. Although, him and his trail buddy stayed calm and applied pressure to the wound for 56 minutes, minimising blood loss until they were assisted by a helicopter team.

 If you have a weak stomach, look away now.

 This is an excerpt from episode 6 of ‘MTB Insights’ – a unique view into mountain biking today. Each episode takes an in-depth look at the culture and evolution of one of the fastest growing extreme sports in the world.