How To Build The Ultimate Surf Mobile With Cyrus Sutton And Ryan Burch


Apart from being one of the most unique/stylish surfers around, Cyrus Sutton is well known as everyone’s favourite DIY, Van Life and travel enthusiast. He’s completed some of the most epic van conversions, travelled to some of the most remote surf locations around the globe, and built various enviro-friendly surfboards.

Back in 2010, Cyrus and Ryan Burch set off on a thirty mile, eight day walk through San Diego without spending a dollar. They filmed the trip and made a movie out of it called Stoked and Broke.

As a means of carrying all their boards and luggage, they used rickshaws which they constructed from bamboo in Cyrus’ backyard. For anyone interested in building one of the bad boys, Cyrus made the following instructional video showing step-by-step how to build one for yourself.


Click below to watch Stoked and Broke now: