Weird Waves Of The World – Texas Tanker Surfing

Welcome back to Weird Waves Of The World, we’re off to Texas for some tanker surfing!

The Galveston Ship Channel is the mecca for tanker surfing. The length of the tanker wave depends on the speed and draft of the ship – these tankers can produce a wave as long as 15 minutes! video 1 of 2:

Something else you probably won’t believe, we all know of surf charters to the Mentawais or Maldives, well, there is actually a tanker surf charter. They take you out to the Galveston Ship Channel and get you into a tanker waves, pick you up and do it again.


Texas tanker surfing is seasonal – U.S summer season (June 1-September 1) is best suited for bay surfing, due to warm temperatures and light winds, all other seasons are either too windy or too cold.

JOB_tankerJamie O’Brien on a barrelling tanker wave.

Jamie O’Brien heads to Texas in the ‘Who is JOB’ series – you won’t believe the tanker waves he scores. Skipped to 7:20 to watch JOB on a crazy barrelling Tanker wave (video 2 of 2):

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