Before ‘South To Sian’ there was ‘Seven Signs’…

“Biggest waves I’ve ever seen in Indo,” Deus Indonesia founder and legendary surf photog Dustin Humphrey reportedly muttered to Nathan Myers as they sighted the Java coast. Dustin & Nathan go way back – they used to travel together for SURFING Magazine projects & both did several projects with Taylor Steele.

Before ‘South To Sian’ (Dustin Humphrey’s 2016 Deus surf feature, which began as a three-month trip to a collection of surf breaks off the beaten track & turned into a two-year odyssey of exploration) there was ‘Seven Signs’… a Nathan Myers / Taylor Steele collab – a delicious collection of shorts all deliberately focusing on travel and culture as much as surfing.

The section that bookends the Se7en Signs features HB legend Joel Fitzgerald and South To Sian’s Harrison Roach teaming up to tour Java on Deus customs in search of remote jungle breaks & big barrels all to themselves

Joel surfed all of his own shapes Seven Signs, the featured boards are 7’3 & 6’8 Midnight Lightning, 5’10 Sea Gypsy, 9’2 Bombora.

Here’s a sneak peek at the epic finale section: