Behind The Lens – Dustin Humphrey / South To Sian Interview (part one)

In 2006, Dustin Humphrey released Sipping Jetstreams with partner Taylor Steele, possibly the most successful and sought after film and photo book of this generation. Since then, D. Hump has gone onto be the international director of surf for Deus, responsible for some of the brands most memorable campaigns, recently directing the awe inspiring travel and surf film ‘South To Sian’ starring Harrison Roach and Zye Norris.


When Humphrey brought a hair-brained scheme to childhood mates, surf and bike enthusiasts Harrison Roach and Zye Norris, there were two things that they couldn’t comprehend: first, the good fortune that had graced them with such a life-changing opportunity and second, the sheer magnitude of the modern-day odyssey they were about to undertake. But without so much as a second thought, they offered their resounding assent. The idea was to journey by land and sea, bike, boat and board up almost the entire length of the Indonesian archipelago and, with a stable of boards, a pair of bikes and other bare essentials loaded into a decrepit Land Rover, their quest South to Sian began…

We caught up with Dustin to discuss the film, South To Sian in an multi part series. Check out the first webisode.

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