Bob Burnquist Skates An Airport!!

Check out this rad clip of Bob Burnquist and mates shredding an aeroplane hangar. They’re throwing huge grabs and backside kickies over planes and even assemble a long makeshift rail from old fencing around the hangar.

This is just one of many awesome and very different sections (you could call them insights) of Hallowed Ground. Starring the likes of Bob Burnquist, Steve Alba and Mike Vallely.

The movie is made up of 8 chapters:

  1. Brazil
  2. Pools & Pipes – cool segment on teaching your won kids to skate and the integration it creates in the family.
  3. Mike Vallely – He just kills at every aspect of skating and his life.
  4. Amateurs
  5. Diego Bucchieri
  6. Kris Markovich
  7. Bob’s House
  8. The Hanger

Check it out here: