Bruce Irons Huge Wipeout, Gets Dacked By Wave

Everyone has bad days. Including Bruce Irons.

Now Teahupoo is an unforgiving wave, it will suck you up and spit you out if it has the chance. However why it holds a stronger grudge towards Bruce, we don’t know. On this day the swell was pretty monsterous, but Bruce being Bruce wasn’t deterred and decided to just go for it. Entry was smooth, nice clean wave, he rode it out, but unfortunately not quick enough.

Surely a wipeout this big in front of a crowd would have been enough embarressment for one day, however Bruce emerges from the white wash revealing that the wave claimed his shorts too, sending the crowd into hysterics. What a day!

From the film ‘Teahupoo Raw & Uncut’, watch full vid now on the garage.