We’ve had a few movies come through The Garage but nothing quite of this repertoire, Take Shelter Productions has captured surfing at the highest level from surfing jaws at 50 ft to airs that are yet to be seen, from the most progressive free surfers in the world. Indulge in Attractive Distractions. Want to watch Albee Layer pull one of the biggest (and maybe the only) 540 alley oop? Watch Attractive Distractions 540_sm Want to See John John throw a huge air reverse parting from his board then somehow pull it? Watch Attractive Distractions JohnJohn-reverse Want to see one of the best Jaws paddle sessions ever with a crazy amount of wipeouts and barrels? Watch Attractive Distraction Jaws_sm jaws_wipeout_sm Want to watch Chippa & Clay get the deepest and cleanest barrels at Greenbush? You know the drill, right here. clay_sm You’ll definitely want to watch Matt Meola land two of the biggest and cleanest backflips caught on camera, the kids a freak. Head this way please. meola-flip_sm Want to see crazy shit in general? Watch Attractive Distractions huge-right_sm albee-drop_sm ATTRACTIVE DISTRACTIONS is live on Garage Entertainment, subscribe to Garage for 5 bucks (a month) and we’ll give you Attractive Distractions whenever you want it plus thousands more epic Action Sports movies.

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