Cam McCaul: Sweet Morning Light

Cam McCaul of Trek C3 Project headed out to southern Utah when the season started to wind down. He had some zones he wanted to further explore on his Trek Session.

‘There are certain jumps and features in this video that I’ve been daydreaming about doing specific tricks on for years. For one reason or another, it’s taken this long to be able to stomp those moves, and in some cases, the reason was having the right bike. On this trip, I brought 2 Trek Session Parks, one having a traditional DH build with a Fox 40 and the other with more of a ‘freeride’ build. I’ve had a Session Park with a single crown fork in the past, but with new suspension technology being so much lighter these days, you can build a freeride bike that basically feels like a terrain-capable slopestyle bike. A Fox 36 Float 180 in the front and a Float X2 in the rear, and ‘voila’ It was time to get out in the desert and make some daydreams come to life.’¬†– Cam McCaul

Filmed By: Harrison Mendel and Nic Genovese
Edited By: Harrison Mendel
Still Photography by: Nic Genovese

‘Sweet Morning Light’¬†Performed by Weed