Corona Director’s Diary: Albee Layer

 Proximity is in cinemas in Australia & NZ from May 12 for a limited time only!






Proximity - A film by Taylor Steele

Welcome back to Director’s Diary, a Garage x Corona video series. One of the best all round surfers in the world, Albee Layer, shot into the limelight over the last couple of years for his insane air rotations and by pushing the limits of big wave paddling surfing. Albee took out Taylor Steele’s Innersection in 2013, pocketing $100k for his efforts and was obvious fit to star in Taylor Steele’s new film ‘Proximity’ alongside fellow Hawaiian, Shane Dorian.


“If I could tell a 10 or 12 year old me that i was going to get to do this trip in my surfing career, i would literally lose my mind. Doing a trip, me and Dorian as the surfers and Taylor Steele directing, that was it, it can’t get much better than that!’ – Albee Layer


Over the last two decades, Taylor Steele’s films have evolved from low-fi, surf porn chopped to nostalgic punk rock tunes in Momentum, Focus & Good Times to classic skits, scripts and progressive surfing in The Show, Loose Change & Campaign. In 2006, Taylor reinvented the wheel again with some of the best surf and travel films ever produced in the Sipping Jetstreams series (Sipping Jetstreams, Castles In The Sky, This Time Tomorrow & Missing). Now, the godfather of surf filmmaking is at it again with his biggest feature film yet, Proximity. 


Find out more about Taylor Steele’s newest film Proximity HERE.