VANLIFE – World Of Wanderlust

They say once you buy a van, you never turn back, being able to park anywhere you please and wake up to a new location and sunset view each and every morning. It’s the feeling of freedom and not being held down – simply jump in the van, throw in the boards, bikes and bits n pieces then hit the road with your girl or best mate and explore wanderlust – perfect waves, lush forests, amazing waterfalls and all new and unfamiliar terrain, if you like the look of where you’ve ended up, simply pull up the handbrake and that’s home until you’re ready to move on to the next new chapter on the road. Living the freedom dream. Whilst you sit in front of your computer or phone screen we want bring this experience to you, take you out of the office or off the job site and on the road with the some of the most compelling images from around the web of the Vanlife, enjoy!

‘Home is where you park it’ – Foster Huntington, freedom ambassador