Corona Moments: Dane Reynolds & Dan Malloy Visit The Frigid Coastline of Iceland

We’re back with Corona Moments part 7, a Garage x Corona video series.

This week we continue to hand pick and serve up the best moments of Taylor Steele’s film collection, featuring sunset barrels, all time boat trips, and perfect dreamy surf sessions. You know, those moments you reminisce about with your buddies over a cold beer.

We trade the board shorts, warm water and sunset barrels for full body rubber, icey winds and snowy lineups in the latest instalment of Corona Moments.

Dane Reynolds and Dan Malloy head to the frigid coastlines of Iceland in search of waves in Taylor Steele’s award winning film, Castles In The Sky. After a treacherous journey along snow covered roads, the crew pull up to a secluded bay surrounded by picture perfect mountains and a peeling right hander that ran down the point without a person in sight.

‘We got out there and it looked so surreal, like we were surfing at the bottom of Mt. Everest” – Dane Reynolds

See their experience first hand in a behind the scenes look at Castles in The Sky, here:  

Photo: Nathan Myers

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