Corona Moments: MISSING With Mick Fanning & John John Florence

Welcome to Corona Moments, a Garage x Corona video series.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be hand picking and serving up the best moments of Taylor Steele’s film collection, featuring sunset barrels, all time boat trips, and perfect dreamy surf sessions. You know, those moments you reminisce about with your buddies over a cold beer.

In 2012 Mick Fanning went missing with Taylor Steele during the world title race, the duo set out on a mission to trade Mick’s predictable, repetitive schedule for the completely unknown. Equipped with a passport, surfboards and a boarding pass, the 21 day adventure around the world began.

During their travels Mick And Taylor met up with John John Florence to surf a secluded right hand reef break in an undisclosed location, a Corona Moment in both Taylor and Mick’s eyes:

‘Just found out i’m about to jump in a helicopter with John John and surf a slabby little right, it’s going to be fun to go and find this little wave especially surfing with him, it’s going to be incredible, he’s such a great surfer and one of my favourites at the moment’ Said Mick.

‘Going on a trip with John John was a buzz for me because i’ve never really travelled with him before and he’s not what i expected, he gets paid millions and he’s the newest thing and all this hype about him and he is just so easy going’ Said Taylor.

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