Director’s Diary: John John Florence

John John Florence is a man who needs no introduction. With The Eddie, the WSL world title, a serious first place contender for the Vans Triple Crown and multiple WSL event wins, John John is well on his way to having the best competitive year in surfing history. Oh, and during the midst of all of this winning, he has been working behind the scenes with Taylor Steele to produce his biggest surf film yet, Proximity. It’s hard being the champ.

In this episode of Corona Director’s Diary, we talk to Taylor Steele about his new film and why JJF was picked to join the elite team to star in Proximity, with a highlight reel of John John’s magic moments in Taylor Steele’s films.

Over the last two decades, Taylor Steele’s films have evolved from low-fi, surf porn chopped to nostalgic punk rock tunes in Momentum, Focus & Good Times to classic skits, scripts and progressive surfing in The Show, Loose Change & Campaign. In 2006, Taylor reinvented the wheel again with some of the best surf and travel films ever produced in the Sipping Jetstreams series (Sipping Jetstreams, Castles In The Sky, This Time Tomorrow & Missing). Now, the godfather of surf filmmaking is at it again with his biggest feature film yet, Proximity. 

Director’s Diary is a Garage x Corona video series showcasing the all star cast of Taylor Steele’s latest film, Proximity. 

Watch more JJF in Taylor Steele’s newest film Proximity: