East Coast perfection – vintage Cyrus Sutton

The Gold Coast and Byron Bay represent the yin and yang of modern surfing and gave birth to different lifestyles that became a multi-billion dollar industry. Both spots boast some of the most spectacular surfing in Australia – from the pumping sets of the Pass to the barrel city that is Superbank: 

Cyrus Sutton’s ‘Under The Sun’ is a super 16mm HD feature documentary from 2008 about two opposing surf cultures on the East Coast of Australia; which was nominated Best Documentary and Cinematography at Surfer Poll Awards that same year. ‘Under The Sun’ showcases in detail two of the most iconic surf spots in the world, which despite being only an hour away from one another, are radically different cultures.

Under The Sun features the interviews & surfing with the likes of Dave Rastovich, Nat Young, Rabbit Bartholomew, Beau Young, Dean Morrison, Mick Fanning, Albe Falzon, & Kelly Slater.

The Pass, Byron Bay

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