FILM OF THE WEEK // Murder Of Couriers

Murder of Couriers – a film about a particular type of bike rider like no other, not BMX, not MTB we are talking the urban warriors of biking, the bike couriers and messengers. This film was made by couriers, about couriers for everyone.

Moc_1 Murder of couriers is about the lifestyle and culture of bike couriers, not the lifestyle you’d imagine, they live dangerously and party recklessly – fearlessly moving in and out of traffic while dodging cars and angry pedestrians is apart of the job description and trying to survive on less than minimum wage, drinking booze, smoking ciggies and partying like rockstars is part of the lifestyle for a bike messenger. moc_3 Murder Of Couriers gives you insight into the day to day movements on and off the bike, this particular job attracts the left of centre type of character, the punk inspired modern renegade living on the fringes of society type of person, This documentary offers a rare glimpse of a couriers hopes, dreams and dangerous habits. Is it the Job that’s dangerous? Or is it the punk rock lifestyle itself? Moc_2 Performing what is generally considered one of the world’s most dangerous occupations, bike messengers take a certain pride in their subculture status. The job lacks prestige or security, and the wages, which were already pretty crappy given the risks involved. A typical bike messenger in Canada makes somewhere between $11 and $30 grand a year, In other words, it’s becoming increasingly tough for couriers to bring home the bacon. But while the pay sucks, there’s a kind of brothers-and-sisters-in-arms solidarity in the courier culture that many outsiders find compelling. moc_4 Indie filmmakers Neil Brill and Tom MacLeod clearly don’t believe in the expression “don’t shoot the messenger” given that they’ve spent the past few years filming local bike messengers for Murder of Couriers. Available to watch now on Garage Entertainment