FMX rider hospitalised after Moto Stunt goes terribly wrong

Australian FMX riders, Rhys Hillier & Luke McNeil, were invited to the compound of Robbie Maddison (the world renowned stunt rider), to perform motorcycle stunts for the Crusty Demons.

During the session, Rhys Hillier misjudged his take-off, causing his dirt bike to come up short on a 110ft jump.

Fellow pro FMX rider, Luke McNeil, was there performing with Rhys on the day and stated, ‘…finishing up at Maddo’s compound and it’s claimed another person, unfortunately… Rhys had pretty much the same accident I had 2 years ago, off the ramp… I was pretty much half dead’. The ambulance were called out immediately and Luke travelled with the disorientated Rhys to the hospital.

The daredevil freestyle motorcyclist was so severely concussed he couldn’t remember the accident at all.