Friday Fun Slides

It’s Friday so we have compiled a collection of the best extreme slip n slides (in our opinion) from around the web in hope that you will be inspired to do something awesome this weekend, if that awesomeness happens to be a ridiculous slip n slide like one of the below then play safe kids! Watch and enjoy 🙂 Happy Friday The lets get wasted and hurt ourselves slide

  The well thought out and strategically planned Slide

  The we are rich and can afford an olympic sized swimming pool in our backyard but have bad taste in music Slide

  The super ghetto backyard tetanus slide

  The Super Hot Chick slide – fast forward to the 4.00 mark for greatness

  And last but not least the Nitro Circus Slip N Bleed slide – It’s stupid in every possible way (even a girl gets knocked out on it) but we love them.

Watch the full Nitro Circus collection here