Full House at the Sydney Premiere of ‘South To Sian’

 See what went down last night at the Australian premiere of South To Sian

After a worldwide tour of packed venues throughout the US, Dubai, London, Tokyo, Indonesia, South Africa, Thailand and France, the most anticipated film of the year, South To Sian finally landed in Australia to a completely sold out show of over 750 people at the Hayden Orpheum Picture Theatre in Sydney. Custom bikes were stacked out the front and a queue of Deus fans spilled out the door, amped to finally see it on the big screen.


As the lights dimmed, the audience looked on with wide eyes to the films intro of custom bikes burning through an ancient Indonesian Volcano. Star of the film Harrison Roach set the tone with poetic dialogue of their adventure ahead and the audience indulged in one hour of cinematic magic.

As the credits started to roll the theatre erupted with cheers and whistles, South To Sian was a wrap for Sydney… Next stop Byron Bay!

South To Sian will be available exclusively on Garage Entertainment July 15th, 2016. Be sure to see the film of the year.