Get In Gear For The Formula One Motorsport Season!

The circus has come to town! Four huge days of Australia’s biggest motorsport event is finally here and we’ve been waiting all year long.We want to celebrate and get you in gear to kick off the F1 season with the much anticipated motorsport film ‘Taming The Apex’.If you like to live fast, and enjoy a good hero story about the sport of kings then Taming The Apex will hit the spot and get you psyched for the Grand Prix.

4 racing drivers. 4 stories. 4 fascinating chapters from the world of Motorsport.Watch them put their lives on the line in this behind-the-scenes journey into the heart of elite motor racing, through the eyes of four racers, each on a path to their own destiny.012Not just footage of motor racing shot in the pit lane, trackside and after-race interviews, this is a real insight in to the lives of real racing drivers: the passion, the adrenaline, the unprecedented dedication, the glory, as well as the constant struggle, the physical and mental pain, the risk and the sacrifice.This film is not only a racing driver’s vision from behind his visor, but more a vision of a man staring at his destiny down the barrel of a gun.042Meet your stars:SAM BIRD – the contenderDriven to success, hard-working, dedicated character, Sam has a unique ability to bounce back from big knock-backs and always look at the bright side. It seems he will not let anything stop him from getting to where he needs to go. With already established working ties in Formula One, can he make the starting grid?samBirdDUNCAN TAPPY – the wingmanHaving missed the narrow window of opportunity to F1, through lack of financial backing at the crucial stages, and no longer young enough today to be considered, Duncan needs to earn a living from racing in order to support himself.He is the racing driver you want to «hangout» with.Speed, reliability and honesty are his trademarks.Can he convince a team boss to offer him a long-term racing contract?duncanFRANCK PERERA – the child prodigyYoungest world go-kart champion at the age of 15, youngest Official Formula One test driver at the age of 17, earning more money than he could spend, Franck had it all.Probably one of the most gifted, most naturally talented drivers motor racing has seen since the great Ayrton Senna.Where did it all go wrong? Can he bounce back and show the world they were wrong?franckBRUCE JOUANNY – the mentorBruce was going places until that Sunday afternoon. Losing his championship lead and losing his sponsors soon after, Bruce’s quest to achieve his lifelong dream was suddenly off the rails. And then another tragedy hit…His father’s sudden death in 2005 left Bruce unprepared to cope with the world. But a return to racing in 2006 marked the beginning of a new chapter in his career, where his intelligence, sharpness and charm will allow himself in motorsport. Is Bruce ready for the next step?Has he found that special someone capable of filling the huge void created by the father’s death?bruce Watch TAMING THE APEX now streaming on Garage Entertainment.