How To Surf An Esky Lid

If you are a surf movie lover then by now you would be familiar with the name Cyrus Sutton, he’s the eco friendly, DIY master filmmaker from San Diego. Cyrus is the crafty lens smith behind films; Riding Waves, Stoked & Broke, Under The Sun and Tom’s Creation Plantation, he is also the brains behind a website with all your surf DIY needs.

What you might not know, when he’s not behind the lens he actually shreds on the stick.

Cyrus and buddy Ryan Burch went on the ultimate road trip a couple of years back, travelling thirty miles over 8 days through San Diego with nothing but home made boards, bamboo rickshaws, solar cookers, and hobo stoves…Not even a car, they travelled by foot and with zero dollars to their names which Cyrus then turned into a film to remember, Stoked & Broke. Here is an excerpt from the film of the lads absolutely tearing on an esky lid, well pretty much an esky lid, it’s epic either way.


You can watch the full movie ‘Stoked & Broke’ on Garage Entertainment.