Is This The World’s Greatest Skatepark?

Woodward West is a huge summer camp located in Tehachapi, California that provides first class facilities for athletes of all types. It started out in the 70’s as a training facility for olympic gymnasts, however with the rising popularity in action sports over the last couple of decades, it’s began focusing on sports such as BMX, mountain biking and skateboarding. 



Now days the camp offers a wide variety of parks, bike tracks, and even a mega ramp. From outdoor concrete features with rails, manual pads and lots of transition, to indoor areas with foam pits and resi landings, this place seriously has it all. There are actually now five Woodward Camp’s, four of which are in the United States. Woodward West however. is the largest.



This clip is from Episode 1 of MTB Insights, a 10-part series that looks at mountain biking culture around the world. To check out more Woodward goodness and the rest of the series(well worth the watch), visit the Garage now.